How Well Do You Know Titanic?

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The movie Titanic is a heart wrenching, tragic love story that has captured my attention more than I can count. The story is extraordinary. Do you think so, too?

If so, let's test how much you REALLY know about Titanic. Have you ever wondered if you were truly an expert? Now your chance is here, in just ten easy questions. C'mon, what are you waiting for?!

Created by: Mikayla

  1. Who is the main character?
  2. What color eyes does Jack Dawson have?
  3. What was Rose's full name?
  4. Who played Rose in Titanic?
  5. Where did Jack and Rose meet in the beginning of the film?
  6. How much did Rose pay Jack to draw her naked?
  7. What did Jack's note say when he slipped it to Rose at the dinner party?
  8. Where did Rose lose her virginity to Jack?
  9. What was Rose's reason for jumping back onto the sinking ship from the lifeboat?
  10. What did Rose say when she realized Jack had died in the water (most likely from hypothermia)?
  11. Once landing in New York City, what did Rose say her name was?
  12. Hope you liked it :) Bye!

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