How well do you know titanic (1997)?

I hope you really like my quiz. Titanic was the most amazing movie ever and I love it more than I love my boyfriend but not more than I love my cat because I have had him since I was five.

Titanic is a beautiful love story and if you haven't seen it why are you taking this quiz? I don't care how high you score just take it! You didn't have to see the movie I really recomend it though!

Created by: haley

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  1. What was the main female characters name?
  2. What was the main male characters name?
  3. Why couldn't the two main characters be together?
  4. What did the two main characters do in a car?
  5. What month and year did this take place in?
  6. What color was the main female's hair?
  7. What color was the main male's hair?
  8. Why did Voldemort attack the ship?
  9. What happened to the ship on the 14th?
  10. Did the main female character ever get married?
  11. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know titanic (1997)?