how well do you know these movies

The 1960 election was a very important time in American history. It was time where two new people who were not president before to run against each other. The two candidates were democrat John Kennedy and republican Richard Nixon. Though they had the common trait of both wanting to be president they were still two very different people with very different personalities. First is John Kennedy. Kennedy was of the catholic religion. He was very fortunate to have come from a very wealthy family with a wealthy background. He was from the Town on Massachusetts. Next up is Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was not a catholic, but he was member of the Quakers. he was from  the State of California. Unlike Kennedy who was a wealthy man, Richard Nixon came from a poor family

soviet Union disagreed with an aircraft proposal that the US wanted. That did not make the US very happy at all. After that was when the US decided to take action. The US sent a spy plane piloted by Frances Gary Powers near Svedlovsk Soviet. They sent him with the plane to get some information and to spy on the soviets. Eventually things did not go as planned. The plane was shut down. He was shut down by an anti aircraft sent by the soviets. He was able to land the plane though. There was a bomb on the plane apparently.  No one knows how Frances Gary Powers survived but he was eventually captured. This incident caused allot more tension between the soviets and the US. The Paris summit between Eisenhower and Niitiadane ended. Eisenhower

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  1. what movie is about two boys who switch places
  2. what movie is about a girl who goes to a music school
  3. what movie is about kids who save their parents
  4. what movie is about a couple that tries to kill each other
  5. what movie is about a disabled man who loses his daughter
  6. what movie is about a girl who must chose her identity
  7. what movie is about two people whose lives become eahc other
  8. what movie is about a grown man who wont move out of his home
  9. what movie is about a family who bickers spending christmas together
  10. what movie is about a cat burgler that kidnaps two bickering people

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