how well do you know THERE FOR TOMMORROW?

there are people who dont know this band, there are people who like this band, and then there is me, i love this band, do you? this band has rocked many hearts, has it rocked yours?

how well do YOU know THERE FOR TOMMORROW? this little discoverered quiz will tell you how high your there for tommorrow fever is, you will succeed, or FAIL! GOOD LUCK :)

Created by: Abby
  1. "hold your breath now, the bad blood's wearing thin"
  2. "when your deadlines become my day and night"
  3. "you were running out of lies to keep me undercover"
  4. "i got this icebox were my heart used to be"
  5. "now we just drive away form all the things i know"
  6. "i bit the tounge behind my teeth, it was never good enough for me"
  7. is there for tommorrow a good band?
  8. how many videos do they have?
  9. how many albums do they have?
  10. what is the lead singers name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know THERE FOR TOMMORROW?