How well do you know the zodiac signs?

Ever wondered how much you knew about the Zodiac signs? Or are you just procrastinating from work/school? Either way, welcome to my quiz and enjoy! Make sure to comment your Zodiac sign at the end!

WARNING: This is not meant to offend anyone in anyway and this might have some spelling and grammar mistakes! REMINDER: Comment your zodiac sign and what you thought of my quiz at the end please and thank you!

Created by: Pizzaa

  1. What sign is considered the 'Leader' of the signs?
  2. What sign is considered the 'Dirty Minded One' per say?
  3. Which of the signs are considered the most emotional?
  4. How many Zodiac signs are there total?
  5. Which of the signs are viewed as the 'Fighter' and 'Aggressive' ?
  6. What sign is viewed as the most 'Talkative' sign?
  7. Which of the signs are viewed as the most 'Stubborn' sign?
  8. Which of the signs is labeled as the 'Archer' ?
  9. Fill in the blank _____ The virgin.
  10. Fill in the blank _____ the Ram.
  11. Fill in the Blank _____ the Lion

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the zodiac signs?