How well do you know the wof books?

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Wings of fire quiz and I hope you enjoy it. This was just a fun idea I had so it might be a bit weird but I did it anyways. Have a good day/night bye bye!

This quiz only includes questions that books 1-5 has the answers in so it’s great for those who haven't read further than that uhh idk what else to put so uh hi!

Created by: Hi

  1. Book 1: who died first?
  2. Book 2: Summarise what Tsunami said to Riptide when they first met.
  3. Book 3: who was Mangrove searching for?
  4. Book 4: True or False. Fatespeaker is Starflight’s half sister.
  5. Book 5: how did Blister die?
  6. Book 1: what did Queen Scarlet tell Peril to make her stay with her?
  7. Book 2: what tribe was Tsunamis victim on the island?
  8. Book 3: which of the following RainWings is Glory related to?
  9. Book 4: True or False. The volcano eruption made Starflight go blind.
  10. Book 5: what happened to the Obsidian Mirror after Sunny went into the Scorpion Den?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the wof books?