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  • not bad.and yeah,i'm a big fan.before i was like twf and so i started reading the books and watching the movies so now i think that it's the cutest most romantic thing i've ever read..i know it's cheesy but at least i took your quiz

    sloppy joe 34
  • omg another thing...on 'who is the volturi' it should be aro, caius, marcus. the rest r the colturi guard. who is chask? i believe she said a wolf. WRONG! not a wolf.

  • omg this is the worst twilight quiz ever! she spelled every name wrong. for all u out there it is EMMETT, CARLISLE, BELLA! she also got the wolfs wrong! the wolf number is always growing and btw who is the last wolf? there is no last wolf! oviously she is a new twilight fan. i know twilight. I AM ONE THE BIGGEST TWILIGHT FAN IN THE HISTPRY OF FANS, TRUST ME! LETS JOIN TOGETHER ALL US REAL TWILIGHT FANS! she did everything wrong. u can tell she has only read the first 2 books. yea, bc in the other books in eclipse: victoria attacks all the cullens with a group of new born vampires (duhhh) and then in breaking dawn: bella and edward have a daughter, renesmee (esme and renee put together) and bella is turned into a vampire, and the volturi r going to kill the cullens if the cullens do not get enough witnesses/warriors. trust me i acually read the books thank u very much. it is dangerous to do quizzes when u havnt even read the books. what if in eclipse they relize james was not killed completely and come to take revenge (oviously this did not happen)?!?!? this is a horrible twilight quiz. here r some mistakes, and this isnt even all of them!

    1.) she spelled pretty much every name wrong!! duh! spell them the right wayy! *ding* a point!

    2.) who is that last wolf? oh yea. thats right. HE DOESNT EXIST!!!!! duh *ding* another point!

    3.) THE LADY HAS NOT EVEN READ THE BOOKS AND SHE IS BEING A SMARTY PANTS! did u hear wt she was saying? let me quote: "if u did not read twilight u are really bad!" -author of this quiz. yea she has not even read the books. *ding* one more point! vampirefreak1997 wins! booyah!

    seriousl y, this lady is a total phoney. ughhh....i hate ppl like that. write that u are a real twilight fan and read all the books if u agree with me! plzzz! thank u for ur time in reading this!!!

    -vampire freak1997

    ps this is probably the longest comment eva!!!

  • take the love story that is urs quiz


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