How well do you know The Simpsons catchphrases?

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This quiz is about The Simpsons characters' catchphrases, how many do you know, do you only know the most famous ones or are you a true fan and know more?

Find out how well you know Homer, Bart and the others. There might be more than one catchphrase for a character and some charcters might not have any.

Created by: chocolatefrog

  1. Excellent..
  2. D'oh
  3. Hey hey kids!
  4. Eat my shorts
  5. Woo hoo!
  6. Ah nuts.
  7. Ay Caramba!
  8. Ha Ha!
  9. Homie
  10. Okily dokily
  11. Hi everybody!
  12. Skinner!!!
  13. Y'argh
  14. Hello Bart.
  15. Yay!
  16. Ahoy-hoy
  17. Why you little...
  18. Thankyou, come again.
  19. My special little guy
  20. Ah, geez

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Simpsons catchphrases?