How well do you Know The Selection series?

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The Selection is a competition between 35 girls who come to live in the palace to try and win Prince Maxon's heart. Everyone is excited, everyone except America, who thinks it is a nightmare. Who won win the selection?

This quiz is about how much you know about The Selection series. Are you up to the test? How much to do you know about The Selection? Are you ready???

Created by: AmericaSinger
  1. Who did Prince Maxon meet first?
  2. Who said " I'm not sure what we are, but we're definitely more than friends "
  3. Who did America find kissing Prince Maxon in a corner?
  4. Who said "I am NOT your dear" to Prince Maxon?
  5. Who is not in The Selection for love?
  6. Who's sister was killed by the rebels and sent home?
  7. What is America's favorite dessert?
  8. Who ripped America's dress before The Report?
  9. Which Elite is a rebel?
  10. What did America name her daughter?
  11. Who's hair was bleached by Celeste?
  12. Who was found embracing with a guard in a closet and Caned for it?
  13. Who did Maxon realize he liked almost as much as America?
  14. Who kneed Maxon in the groin?
  15. Who in America's family died in The One?
  16. Who in America's family is a rebel?
  17. Where did Prince Maxon kiss Olivia?
  18. Who did Maxon keep in the selection for her relations?
  19. Who did Aspen Leger marry?
  20. Who did Prince Maxon end up marrying?
  21. Are you ready for your result?
  22. Are you suuuurrreee???

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know The Selection series?