How Well Do You Know The Movie Titanic?

There are ALOT of poeple who have watched this movie, but only 60% of people really know what this movies true meaning is. What is that meaning? it is to tell a true story about a girl who almost dies just to be with her true love.

Do YOU know TITANIC? Do you have a good enough memory to qualify for that prestigious title? You may have seen the movie but do you really know the movie? You will soon find out!

Created by: Elise

  1. How does Jack win the tickets to board the 'Titanic'?
  2. After Rose says "Don't you come any closer,I'll jump." what does Jack say?
  3. What color is the 'Heart Of The Ocean"?
  4. How old is Rose in the beginning? How old is she at the end?
  5. Why did Jack die?
  6. What did Rose use to get the lifeboat to pick her up and take her to the rescue ship?
  7. how old is Jack?
  8. what does Rose change her last name to when she is rescued?
  9. Did you turn the channel when the bad part came on?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Movie Titanic?