How well do you know the Maze Runner Books.

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Created by: Geraldine
  1. In book 2, who was the man that instructed the Gladers to go through the Scorch?
  2. Who was Thomas' first friend when he came out of the Box?
  3. What did the piece of paper in Teresa hand say?
  4. What did Gladers call the new kid?
  5. What could Thomas and Teresa do the was special?
  6. In the Scorch, there were signs all over the place bering the same message. What was that message?
  7. Did Thomas intentionally get stung by a Grevier?
  8. What did Minho propose during the meeting discussing Thomas?
  9. Who wrote the Maze Runner?
  10. Is Brenda immune to the Flare?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Maze Runner Books.