How well do you know the Maximum Ride books????

Just because you have read the books doesn't mean you know everything about them. Some peole don't. Then there's the people who worship the books and read them over and over again, like me.

Do YOU know all there is to know about Maximum Ride???? Do you tbink you do? Do you think you can take the title of amazing friend? In just a few minutes you could find out.

Created by: BambiBlack
  1. What is the shape of house the flock lives in in The Angel Experiment?
  2. What is the name of the bear that Angel gets by manipulating a lady?
  3. How many boys were bullying Ella when Max saved her?
  4. Where is the 'meet up' spot in Book 1?
  5. How did Fang know the clone of Max wasn't the real Max?
  6. What is beliveved to be Nudge's real name?
  7. What does Iggy say when people ask him why he is blind?
  8. Who does Angel see when she is released from the maze at The Schol?
  9. What does Max have removed from her arm by Dr. Martinez?
  10. Who is Max's half brother?
  11. What is the exact date that Angel comes out?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Maximum Ride books????