How Well Do You Know The Lego Movie?

The Lego Movie! One day a talented lass or fellow, a special one with a face not yellow. Will take this amazing quiz, and find themseves a Lego whiz. Thy will be the most smartest, most adored, and most amazing per son pf all time! All this is true because it ryhmes!

I'm serious! take this Lego Movie quiz and see how much you truly know about this movie. I will warn you, nobody knows this movie as well as I do! There will be quite a bit of hard questions that will require some acuall thinking! I hope you studied! and please comment and rate!

Created by: MusicMaster

  1. Th prophecy is, "One day, a talented lass or fellow, a special one with a face of yellow. Will makw the peice of resistance found, from its hiding refuge under ground,_________________,______________And be the most talented, and most interesting person of all time. all this is true, BECAUSE IT RYHMES!
  2. Exactly how many years later does it say after Lord Buisness gets the Kragle?
  3. What makes Emmet fall into the place with spears and swords instead of the place with rainbows and fluffy stuff?
  4. What is Bad Cop's favorite thing to tackle and kick?
  5. In what order does Wyldstyle ask Emment his favorite things before going in the 'Big scary black hole'
  6. Whats the first name Vitruvious mentions when he's remembering all of Wyldstyles old names?
  7. Whats the first thing Batman sayes when he rescues Vitruvious,Emmet, and Wylstyle?
  8. Who does Unikitty startle when she first jumps forward to see Emmet in Cloud Coukoo Land
  9. Who first tries to build something to attack Bad Cop?
  10. Whose not on board the StarWars spaceship when they come to MeatalBeards ship?
  11. How many times does Benny start to build a spaceship?
  12. Which of Emmets feet gets stuck in the Kragle?
  13. What color shirt is the son of the Man Upstairs wearing?
  14. Where does the smaller creature say he saw the Exacto knife?
  15. Whats the last thing Vitruvious sayes?
  16. Whats the last word in the movie?
  17. Last question! Was the Lego Movie made with stop-motion pictures?

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