Whats Your Favorite Lego Starwars Minifig.

There are many Lego brand star wars mini figure toys. Some people like Lord Vader. Some like Anakin Skywalker. Well I hold in my hand the most popular mini figures.

So, do you have what it takes to find out your favorite Lego Star Wars mini figure is? See if you know his personality in this quiz. Be aware that only the most popular Lego brand Star wars mini figures are here.

Created by: aiden

  1. Which would you want?
  2. Would he be Strong?
  3. Does he have a Light saber, blaster pistol[s], Blaster rifle or none?
  4. If he has a Light Saber, what color is it?
  5. Well hey do you like ice cream?
  6. That other qustion was kinda strange?
  7. Does your mini figure wear a helmet?
  8. Do you think you will actualy get this mini figure one day?
  9. Well do you think it will come with your favorite Lego play set?
  10. I think you will!

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Quiz topic: Whats my Favorite Lego Starwars Minifig.