How well do YOU know the KREW?

Hi my name is Crystal willow and is my first quiz. if the krew do ever see this quiz i'm glad you got to see a fan-made quiz i love you guys and i hope you all enjoy my quiz.

I was taking fan-made quizzes about the krew but they where too easy, so i decided to make my own. So i found a popular web (that DIDN'T need an account to login) and made my very own quiz. By the way this is my SECOND time making a quiz -but the first time it RESETED!!!

Created by: Crystal willow

  1. Who is the sassy queen \king in the krew?
  2. Who out of the krew are the best at minecraft games?
  3. Who is the WORST at minecraft?
  4. Who are the most SAVAGE krew members?
  5. What CRINGY pun did draco say in; "this game is SAVAGE"
  6. Which game in minecraft did the krew RAGE quit at?
  7. How many subscribers do the krew have?
  8. What type of food does draco dislike?
  9. What are the krew's favourite type of food?
  10. Who is draco dating?๐Ÿ‘ซ
  11. Who is the oldest?
  12. Who is the youngest?
  13. Who screams the most?
  14. What pets do the krew have?
  15. What do the krew BAN on their channel?
  16. Who has CRIED on youtube
  17. Which type of SpoOky video did the krew have to BLOCK a JUMPSCARE!!!
  18. Who is you favourite krew member?
  19. Ok i hope you enjoyed my quiz, this is my first quiz -but not my last!
  20. One last thing. This is for the KREW. KREW if you ever see this i just want to thank you for bringing smiles to so many people around the world
  21. Well that is all for how well do YOU know the KREW, if you did enjoy this quiz then give it a BIG thumbs up! And I'll see you all in the next quiz. BYYYEE GUYS!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the KREW?