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  • That was my quiz so here are the answers...
    1. your age
    2. your gender
    3.What was the name of Katniss's sister?

    4. What were Effie's hair colors at the reapings?

    pink then orange

    5.What did Joanna say Katniss when Katniss was in the hospital after being shot and she told Joanna about her injuries, in the mockingjay part 2?

    want one of my lungs, I have two

    6.A while ago, how did Peeta save Katniss, in district 12

    he gave her bread when she was starving

    7.What was Haymitch's advise to Katniss and Peeta, for the hunger games.

    "stay alive"
    8.What was Enobaria's special trait?
    She had fangs

    9. In the voting for another hunger games with the capital kids at the end of mockingjay part 2, what was Katniss's vote.

    10. What bird is Katniss considered
    mocking jay

    11. At the end of everything, who does Katniss choose?

    Peeta (explanation: they got 2 kids which means they married. at end of mockingjay part 2)

    12.Who was the first person to die in the hunger games? Like the first movie during the actual game not before or after the game. That means this person was in the 74th hunger games.

    Male from district 9


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