How well do you know the Heroes of Olympus series?

Some people say that Rick Riordan is a bad author. Well i say that he is the BEST and deserves a tribute like a god for bringing us the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series!

This is my first quiz so no nasty comments please! Plus if all of you true believers out there i love you guys! i think that Rick Riordan is the best and you shoukd too!

Created by: lauren331
  1. In The Lost Hero, what three characters are introduced?
  2. In the Son af Neptune, what was Hazel's horse's name?
  3. Who is Percy's father?
  4. How did Jason, Piper and Leo go on their quest?
  5. In the son of neptune, did percy, get the legion's eagle?
  6. in the mark of athena, who did Annabeth battle?
  7. in the mark of athena, what adult comes with them?
  8. in the lost hero, who took jason's memories?
  9. who tried to take the argo ll in the mark of athena?
  10. in the son of neptune who did percy save?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Heroes of Olympus series?