how well do you know the descendants characters

Ok the reason I created this quiz is becuase disney descendants is my most favourit movie ever .At leaste for now.It is an awesome musical movie .Awesome movie

If I had to use one word to discribe this movie its fantastilicous .this movie inspired me to create my first ever quiz.And I think I have a crush on cameron boyce .his awesome.

Created by: tamia of descendants
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  1. What is carlos afraid of
  2. What is carlos's favourite candy
  3. Where were ben and mals first date
  4. When is family day
  5. What time does the coranation start
  6. What's the future king bens proclamation
  7. Who is chads parents
  8. How many times does Evie spray chad to make him faint
  9. In what form is the love potion
  10. What's the name of fairy god mothers daughter
  11. How long did Ben know he was under a spell
  12. Who made the alarm in the museum go off
  13. "I feel so useless MISUNDERSTOOD"which villian child sang this part
  14. What's the spell used to undo janes hair
  15. What did carlos's mother say when the barrier was broken
  16. What's make carlos happy
  17. What is carlos's real name
  18. What is the name of the song the villian kids sang
  19. Does Evie end up with a prince
  20. Why was Carlos up in a tree
  21. Who is carlos's mother

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the descendants characters