How well do you know the cimorelli sisters?

How well do you know the Cimorelli sisters? They may sound familiar, but, do you REALLY know a lot about them? Please take my epic quiz and you will find out.

So, you know Cristina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani Cimorellli? Are you sure? Are you positive? Why not start the quiz right now, and find out.

Created by: unicorn lover

  1. Which Cimorelli's favorite food is tacos?
  2. Which Cimorelli is the oldest?
  3. Which Cimorelli is the youngest?
  4. Which Cimorelli has Turners' Syndrome?
  5. Which one had a crush on Matty B's older brother?
  6. What two Cimorellis' rap in their covers?
  7. Which Cimorelli always introduces the song and artist in their covers?
  8. Which two Cimorellis were guest stars on kids react?
  9. How many daughters do the Cimorelli's have?
  10. Which Cimorelli was not always in the band?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the cimorelli sisters?