How Well Do You Know The Calgary Flames?

This quiz is for fans of the Calgary Flames. I hope you are a fan, but you have to prove it!

Flames rule, Oilers See if you know the correct answers, good luck. Go Flames!!!!!

Created by: Scott
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  1. Ok, Ill Start With A Easy One! Which Clgary Flame Is Captain?
  2. What Flame Player Just Set The Record With Most Goals With The Calgary Flames?
  3. Whos Flames Starting Goalie Then Backup Goalie?
  4. Whats Calgarys Longest Winning Streak?
  5. Whats The Flames Longest Losing Streak?
  6. What Flames Goaltender Set The Flames Record With Most Shutouts In A Season And Most Shut Outs Overall With The Flames?
  7. What Player Played With The Flames Longest?
  8. What Flame Player Holds The Record Of Most Goals In A Season?
  9. What Flames Player Is Currently # 18 And My Favorite?
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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Calgary Flames?