How well do you know the Big Nate series?

This is a test for your Big Nate knowledge. Most questions will be based on the novels, but some will be based on the comic books. How much brain space is used up?

In this quiz, you will be tested on the world of Big Nate, such as his friends, his failed love, and his teachers. Some will be in general, though. If you haven't read the series, I suggest it. Your parents might not like it, though.

Created by: bobthebuilder

  1. How many tufts of hair does Nate have?
  2. Who is Nate's best friend?
  3. Who is Nate's first crush?
  4. What did Nate's fleeceball team end up getting called?
  5. What is P.S. 38's record for detentions?
  6. What is Nate's alter ego?
  7. Who is Nate's sidekick?
  8. What was the final score in fleeceball?
  9. Who won third place in the Timber Scouts?
  10. What place did P.S. 38 get in the writing contest?
  11. Which one was first place?
  12. Who hypnotized Nate?
  13. What is the name of Nate's band?
  14. What was Nate's buddy's name?
  15. What is the school newspaper called?
  16. What is Gina's last name?
  17. What is Francis' middle name?
  18. What is DeeDee's middle name?
  19. What is Teddy's middle name?
  20. Who is the new weather forecaster?
  21. Who loves Nate Wright?
  22. Who found Nate's lucky socks?
  23. Who is Nate's book buddy?
  24. Who is Nate's substitute book buddy?
  25. Final question: What does Chad get from Nate's locker?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Big Nate series?