Babysitters Club graphic novel: Dawn and the Impossible 3

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This quiz is about how much you know the fifth book in the Babysitters Club series. This quiz is based on the graphic novel by Ann M. Martin and Gale Galligan. There are fifteen questions. Also, the book is called The Baby-Sitters Club Dawn and the Impossible Three I just didn't have space to write the actual title for the title of this quiz.

If you have not read the graphic novels, books, or watched the show that is fine (though this quiz will probably spoil them). If you have read the books or watched the show that is also fine. Don't forget to check out more of my quizzes some are by Shreed! Thank you!

Created by: Shreed
  1. When Dawn is babysitting the Pikes at the beginning of the book who opens the door to their house for her?
  2. What is the oldest Barrett kid's name?
  3. What is Dawn's brother's name?
  4. What are the three Barrett kid's names?
  5. Where did Dawn live before she moved to Stoneybrook?
  6. Is Dawn mean to Kristy?
  7. Which of the three Barrett kids did Mr. Barrett kidnap for a day?
  8. How much was Dawn babysitting at the Barrett's house?
  9. What is Marnie allergic to?
  10. Who helps Buddy with his family tree?
  11. What is Mr. Barrett's first name?
  12. Which of the Pike kids saw Buddy get in a car with his dad?
  13. What did Kristy decide to do about the club when she moved?
  14. What did Dawn's family have at their Memorial Day picnic?
  15. Last question. Who becomes a member of The Babysitters Club in this book?

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