How well do you know the bible?

How well do you know Gods very own book? How much do you read and understand His Word. take a quiz and find out just how much you know about the bible.

How much do you know about the Holy bible? How well do you study understand and read Gods Word? take a quiz and find out just how much you know and how much you need to grow!

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  1. after Jesus's birth Mary and Joseph moved to:
  2. Joshua and ___ were the only two spies who trusted God:
  3. As Nathan is confronting David about Bathsheba he uses a story involving :
  4. Simon Peter, before meeting with Cornelius is staying at Simon the ___'s house:
  5. Jude is how many chapters long?
  6. Rahab's shared a daughter-in-law with:
  7. Which is not a synoptic gospel:
  8. in Revelation which is not a judgement:
  9. in Hebrew which suffex means God:
  10. which language is not in the bible:
  11. Who was a judge:
  12. what is the last book of the Old Testimate:
  13. What is the Hebrew name of God:
  14. Who was a brother of Jesus:
  15. who is Beelzebub: && who is Isreal:
  16. The man next to Jesus on the cross [who accepted Him] died and immediatly went to:
  17. finish it --- "you are ___ and wonderfully made"
  18. who never died:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the bible?