How Well Do you know the Backstreet Boys

There are alot of smart people out there who know alot about everything, are you one of those geniuses? well heres your chance to find out by taking my simple quiz. Good Luck! Oh by the way its a quiz about the Backstreet Boys. Hope you know your stuff about them. Lots of Luck to you. If you don't know an answer jsut guess.

How well do you know the Backstreet Boys, well you are just about to find out.This is a really weird quiz site, I advise you never to go on it. I already started it so I should just finish what I started. Well Good Luck with the quiz

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  1. On their Disney Channel "In-Concert" Special, what other band did they play with?
  2. What year was Nick born?
  3. What talk show had the Backstreet Boys on, to kick off their summer concert tour in 2005?
  4. In the "As Long As You Love Me" music video pictures, who didn't get a picture of himself against a wall because they ran out of time?
  5. What is Brian's son's name?
  6. What day did "Never Gone" come out?
  7. What "Millenium" song has the words, "eyes of stone observe the trends?"
  8. What movie did Nick Carter Have a very small role in?
  9. What is the title of Brians debut solo album
  10. What City did Nick and Howie visit that made me so upset because I wasn't there?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know the Backstreet Boys