How Well Do You Know That '70's Show?

For the generation that grew up in the '70s, or have grown up in the '90s and seen a similarity between the two decades, this show is for you. This quiz is also for you, to test your knowledge on the popular Fox series "That '70s Show"

Do you know what its like to live in one of the most unique decades of modern history? Have you watched "That '70s Show" and related to it, no matter what age you are? How much do you think you know about the show? Test your knowledge here!

Created by: yeahman

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  1. What make of car does Eric Forman drive?
  2. Why does Red give Eric his old car?
  3. What does Jackie consider to be a sign of maturity from Hyde?
  4. What is Red's way of trying to stop Eric and Donna from getting married?
  5. What happens to Kelso's first van?
  6. What "stinky" item do Fez and Hyde place in Kelso's van?
  7. Why does Kelso leave to go to California?
  8. What genre of music does Hyde start listening to when Jackie breaks up with him?
  9. How does Eric end up in a dress?
  10. Although the viewer knows marijuana is being smoked in the series, what is the only item ever consistently shown burning in "the circle?"
  11. How do Eric and Leo pay for their meal at the truck stop?
  12. When Eric takes Red to a Packers game, how does he disappoint the other fans?
  13. What blue car does Red get and cherish?
  14. Since what age has Eric had a crush on Donna?
  15. Where does Donna get the nickname "Hot Donna?"
  16. Although Eric already plans on moving to Africa, what makes Red view this as his punishment rather than his free will?
  17. Who wanted to steal Donna away from Eric on their first date?
  18. Why does Red accept a job at Pricemart?
  19. How does Kelso get his second van?
  20. Which of the following isn't a catchphrase from the series?

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