How Big Of a That 70s Show Fan Are You?!?

There are few good shows out there these days, and its a shame that That 70s Show has ended. But lets see how many true fans there are still out there!

Are you a fan? Can you handle the title of being a true fan, to a great show? We'll see after you take this quiz to see how well you know the insides and out of That 70s Show!

Created by: Emma
  1. What food does Hyde compare girls to?
  2. Which character doesn't have a tattoo?
  3. Who does Fez loose his virginty to?
  4. What sound does Kelso think a rhino make?
  5. What is Kelso's worst nightmare?
  6. How did Fez find out he was adorable?!?
  7. What year did Donna and Eric meet?
  8. Where does the show take place?
  9. What's Jackie's middle name?
  10. Who's nickname is 'Zitty Stardust'
  11. What's Fez's host parents last name?
  12. Where did Eric take Donna on there first date?
  13. What's the name of the pageant that Jackie entered?
  14. What's Eric's sisters name?
  15. What's Donna's sisters name?
  16. Who doesn't date jackie?
  17. When Fez is 'saying' his 'name', what is he really saying?
  18. Who doesn't Donna date?

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Quiz topic: How Big Of a That 70s Show Fan am I?!?