How Much Do You Know HEROES?

HEROES has been the greatest show ever, at least i think so! But do you know the show very well? All the facts? This quiz will show you how much you know about the show. Good Luck and have fun!

Do you think that you know HEROES? Do you think that you know everything about it? Then you have chosen the right quiz. In just a few moments you will find out how much you know about the show!

Created by: Sheree

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  1. Who was Claire's best friend?
  2. Who killed Mohinder's father?
  3. When Hiro went to Texas with Ando, they found a new friend. Who was it?
  4. Who blows up New York City?
  5. Who was Nikki Sanders' husband?
  6. How did Simone meet Peter?
  7. What is Candace's power?
  8. Who is Parkman's wife?
  9. Mohinder's father's name is
  10. What was the name of the book Mohinder's father wrote?
  11. Who was Eden McCain (a.k.a Sarah Ellis)?
  12. Who has the ability to create fire?
  13. In the Montecito Casino, Linderman's hotel manager, Miss Sakamoto, makes a deal with Niki: in exchange for seducing Nathan Petrelli, Linderman will forgive her ...

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know HEROES?