How Well Do You Know Team Fortress 2?

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Yo! What up, mate? This is my first quiz, so please try taking it. I worked hard on it, ya know! Don't be lazy, mate. Have guts. And fer God's sake, don't cheat!

I love TF2. It's a violent game, mate, and I love it. My favorite character is Scout. He's fast, lean, stubborn, and funny. Who's your favorite? Vote at my poll!

Created by: TeamFortress2Fan
  1. Who voices Scout?
  2. Who was the TF2 theme written by?
  3. Which character wears the helmet that covers his eyes?
  4. What is the name of Medic's pet pigeon?
  5. What did Heavy name his gun?
  6. What instrument does Engineer like to play?
  7. What is Scout's most favoured catch phrase?
  8. What is Spy's ability?
  9. Is Pyro female or male?
  10. Sniper considers himself as a...?
  11. Demoman is...?
  12. Pyro's insane, right?
  13. Well, that's all!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Team Fortress 2?