How Well do You Know Survivor?

I know there are lots of people watching survivor - but do you know your survivor facts? Take this quiz and see if your worthy enough to be a survivor genius!

How well do YOU know survivor? I know that lots of people watch it - but do you pay attention to the little things - take this quiz to find out! If you pass - you may just be a Suvivor Genius.

Created by: Survivorfan576
  1. Who was the first castaway ever sent homefrom the Pagong tribe(Survivor Borneo)?
  2. After the merge in survivor Heros versus Villians who was voted out?
  3. Who was most recently voted out with an idol?
  4. Who won suvivor Fans vs Favorites?
  5. In Suvivor Australia who said " Jerri is perfect for this game"?
  6. In suvivor the Austarlian outback, who was from new hampshire?
  7. Who was strongly against Russellin survivor heros vs villians BEFORE the merge?
  8. In samoa who convinced the girls to vote for Eric?
  9. Who gave both Jerri and Sandra immuinity idols (heros vs villians)?
  10. Who flirted with Paravati in heros vs villians but now targets her?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Survivor?