How well do you know Style Boutique 2?

New Style Boutique: Fashion Forward is one of my favourite games but there were not many quizzes on it so I thought: I should make one! This quiz only has one question about colours because let's be real even us obsessed players don't know THAT much.

Do you think you have what it takes to take this quiz. I hope you were paying attention because some of these answers are only hinted in the game. Thanks to this quiz you will be able to find out so go on, have a go!

Created by: BubbleBliss464

  1. Which character (other than you) in the game knew Elaine personally?
  2. Who does Callie have a crush on?
  3. Who works at the Rose Garden?
  4. Where did Adelaide have her wedding?
  5. Which boutique does Evie own?
  6. How did Noor get the salon?
  7. Where do you get the colour Cocoa?
  8. Who is Callie's #1 Fan and tries to look exactly like her in the real game and the demo?
  9. This one's more of a How well do you know the Style Boutique community as a whole. What is it called in America?
  10. And instead of asking did you like the quiz (because that would ruin my self-esteem XD) I am going to ask do you think I did all of this without my DS?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Style Boutique 2?