What is Your Fashion Style?

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This quiz should help you decide which style fashion box to subscribe to, to have a stylist send you clothes that best match your style! At Overnighstyle we want to make style easy for you!

What type of style are you? Do you dress fashion-forward and turn heads down the street? Or do you dress in simple chic clothing? Maybe you aren't afraid to wear something no one has ever seen before and rock it! OR perhaps you like to dress more conservative and professionally!

Created by: Emily Carmody of Overnightstyle
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which scenario describes your fashion style?
  2. What accessory would you wear with your outfit?
  3. What word describes your fashion style?
  4. Which reason best describes the drive behind your fashion style?
  5. Which jacket best describes your style?
  6. What shoe describes your fashion style?
  7. Which earnings would you pick?
  8. Which bottom correlates with your style?
  9. Which headgear correlates with your style?
  10. Which word describes your fashion style

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Quiz topic: What is my Fashion Style?