How well do you know Stranger Things 3

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Here is a quiz where you can test you Stranger Things noligeNote: The questions are more harde at the beginning at the end they get a bit easier So please enjoy the qwiz

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Created by: Sara
  1. when Max and El go shopping they go to a clothing store witch was it
  2. in the first episode of season 3 in Dustin's room one of the toys is a Japanese exclusive at the time is it...
  3. in the hospital sene El and Mike share M&M one of the colors was banned at the time which one is it?
  4. In the poster for Stranger Things 3 Elevens...
  5. In episode 4 Billy says too bad words to Max. What does he say?
  6. When Steve picks a fight with a reason he gets a Black eye. One witch side?
  7. What's Dustin's new cats name
  8. in the Last episode as El said goodbye to Mike she was holding a Teddy Bear. Which color did the teddy bear have?
  9. what phrase did El say when she broke up with Mike?
  10. And finally what dose the news paper that nacy and Jonathan used to work for

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Stranger Things 3