How well do you know Stormy

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This is the quiz to go to when you need a test about Stormy!! This quiz is 50 50 on hardness. Remember, it is okay to get a question wrong. It will not be the end of the world.

This it is easy to complete this quiz. Simply select an answer and move on. Good luck! Don't Forget to think like Stormy! Be happy and meme like Pusheen!

Created by: Catty Meow
  1. When is Stormy's Birthday?
  2. What is Stormy's favorite food?
  3. How Many brothers and sisters does Stormy have? (Not including stormy.)
  4. Where is Stormy in the family?
  5. Does Stormy have a movie?
  6. What is Stormy's best feature?
  7. What is Stormy's Brother's favorite word?
  8. What is Stormy's Brother's hobby?
  9. When is Stormy's Brother's Birthday?
  10. Who is Stomy's Brother?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Stormy