How well do you know spongebob

Your vety smart no matter what if you believe in yourself and do it you might pass the quiz good job if you pass this quiz hopefully you have a happy new year.

Are you a genius if you're then take this quiz do your best even if you don't do so good its Ok you did your very best its ok hopefully you have a happy new year.

Created by: angelic

  1. What is Mr.Krabs middle name ?
  2. Did spongebob get married to sandy ?
  3. Is Patrick dumb ?
  4. Is spongebob a boy or a girl ?
  5. Is spongebob played by a girl or a boy ?
  6. Is spongebob smarter than me
  7. Am I older than spongebob
  8. Am I cute
  9. Am I a girl or a boy
  10. How old is spongebob

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Quiz topic: How well do I know spongebob