The SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia

You will get some incredibly difficult questions here. SpongeBob can be a very complicated series, so if you can even make a 50 on this quiz, you're awesome. Good luck! :)

Like I said before, even an F is impressive on this quiz. These questions don't always have much todo with SpongeBob himself. Rather, they have to do with his SERIES. I hope you pass!

Created by: Aamd14

  1. How did SpongeBob get his house?
  2. Who does SpongeBob have a crush on?
  3. What is Squidward's middle initial?
  4. How do SpongeBob and Patrick enter Tentacle Acres?
  5. How many wrinkles are on Squidward's forehead?
  6. In the episode "The Gift of Gum," how many people escape from the ball of gum?
  7. In the episode "Gary Takes a Bath," what happens to end it?
  8. In the episode "The Curse of the Hex," why did the hagfish need the sacred gold doubloon?
  9. What was Squidward's house # in Tentacle Acres?
  10. When SpongeBob asks Painty the Pirate (the head painting) how to tie his shoes, what does he say?

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