how much do you know about Spongebob

Hey.Many kids love spongebob.If you love spongebob squarepants then take this quiz!Test your sponge bob knowledge!It's free.Come on fans! Lets do this

Are you a spongebob fan?Take this quiz to find out!Hard one, easy ones, even ones that no one might know!So if you take the dare, than seriously take it.

Created by: namuuka
  1. What does Squidward say thats NOT allowed for grown ups
  2. What was the the name of the giant worm?
  3. What is Spongebobs job?
  4. What is Pkanktons real name?
  5. Where does patrick hide when him and spongebob play hide and seek?
  6. Easy one.What is Pats best friend
  7. What is Mr.krabs worst enemy?
  8. What does plankton try to steal?
  9. What is spongebobs favorite superhero(s)
  10. Blah what does patrick live under?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Spongebob