How well do you know Spirit Animals?

Do you think you have what it takes to conquer Erdas? Do you think you can defeat the Devourer? Do you think you have a rare spirit animal to battle by your side?

The world of Erdas is full of real world creatures. Lucky people will drink the nectar of Ninani and get a spirit animal to be your companion for the rest of their lives. With this quiz you will be able to test your knowledge on 5 brave heroes.

Created by: Jacie
  1. Who character is from Nilo?
  2. Which character is from Amaya?
  3. Which character is from Eura?
  4. Which character is from Zong?
  5. Who is Abeke bonded with?
  6. Who is Meilin bonded with?
  7. Who is Connor bonded with?
  8. Who is Rollan bonded with?
  9. Who is Tarik bonded with?
  10. Who is NOT a Greencloak?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Spirit Animals?