How well do you know SISTAR?

SISTAR is a south korean girl group debuted in 2010 from an entertainment company Starship, with the members Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom. They are known for such hits as Alone, Loving U, Touch My Body, Shake It and I Like That. They are currently included on the top tier girl groups on the KPOP industry.

Are you a fan of SISTAR? How much do you know about them? Can you prove yourself a fan if they ever come across you and asks you questions? Find out yourself.

Created by: athenagiku
  1. First off, im going to ask you why are you taking this test?
  2. Level 1. The leader?
  3. Level 1. The maknae?
  4. Level 1. The oldest?
  5. Level 2. Real name of Hyorin?
  6. Level 2. Real name of Soyou?
  7. Level 2. Two members that are born in January.
  8. Level 2. Tallest member?
  9. Level 3. Who's got the most variety appearance and mc works?
  10. Level 3. Which is true?
  11. Level 3. Jooyoung and Hyorin's first collab song is?
  12. Level 4. This song's got the Song of the Year award on 2014 in Gaon and other charts.
  13. Level 4. Member who had the first step in Unpretty Rapstar series?
  14. Level 4. Who went in Law of The Jungle first?
  15. Level 5. Sistar is one of the top tier girl groups alongside SNSD and 2ne1.
  16. Level 5. Dasom has an older sister.
  17. Level 5. Loving U came before Alone.
  18. Level 5. Every member filmed a kiss scene on their respective dramas/mvs.
  19. Hard Level. Why did Hyorin tattooed her belly with a cross?
  20. Hard Level. Bora says she always has the most IQ among them.
  21. Hard Level. The only one who never did a drama yet.
  22. Hard Level. Who among 4minute members who's supposed to be Soyou's position?
  23. Extra Hard Level. Whats the name of the album they released after Touch 'n Move?
  24. Extra Hard Level. What are Bora's two dogs name?
  25. Extra Hard Level. Among them, who's the most followers on Instagram. No cheating.
  26. Insane Level. How did Soyou became friends with SNSD's SeoYoung?
  27. Insane Level. The first member to arrive on Starship Ent.
  28. Bonus. Whats the name of the song they released on summer 2016?
  29. Bonus. All these dramas they have contributed OSTs with. EXCEPT one.
  30. Thank you for taking this very long quiz.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know SISTAR?