How Well Do You Know Got7

There are many "Got7 Fans" in the world but how many of you ACTUALLY know the group. Got7 is a kpop group by JYP with 7 members JB, Mark, Jackson which is my bias, Yugyeom, Youngjae, Bambam, and Junior, good luck!

Are you a true got7 fan? Lets find out. This Quiz contains information from when they first debuted and then present day. Now I have only been a fan of kpop since August (2016) But TRUST ME, I have learned everything there is to know about them, have you?

Created by: Got7Lover
  1. Who is the oldest member or got7?
  2. Who in got7 is from HongKong (China)?
  3. Who is the lead vocalist?
  4. Who is from LA?
  5. Who is a part of AmeriThaiKong?
  6. What was Got7's new music video in December 2016?
  7. What was got7's debut song?
  8. Who is the leader in the group?
  9. What was the last episode of Real Got'7 about?
  10. What was the first ever episode of Got7-ing titled?
  11. What food does Youngjae hate?
  12. Who is from Thailand?
  13. In Real Got7 they did a prank on someone in the group, who was it on?
  14. Now later on in got7-ing they did another prank on someone in the group, who was it on this time?
  15. Who speaks fluent English?
  16. Who also speaks fluent English?
  17. Who is described as wild and sexy?
  18. Who in the group is described as chic and sexy or cool and sexy?

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