How well do you know Simple Swahili

" This quizz is for smart people only! Well not really... its really just tons of fun and i put it out there to see who could solve but if your smart enough you might just be ok

Are you smart enough... Do you know multiple languages... in this case lets hope you know Swahili! good luck! This is not an easy and breezy quiz this is a very challenging one! Good thing its multiple choice!

Created by: Allegra of this site
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  1. What does the word Rafiki mean?
  2. What Does the Word Simba mean
  3. What does the word Upendo mean
  4. What does the word Nuka mean
  5. What does Sarabi mean
  6. What does the word shenzi mean?
  7. What does the word Kovu mean
  8. What does the word zira mean?
  9. What does the word Pumbaa mean
  10. What does Asante Sana
  11. What does the phrase, wewe Nugu, Mimi hapana, mean
  12. What does the phrase Hakuna Matata mean?
  13. WHat does the word Nala mean?
  14. Who was the last King of the Bagada People of Kenya

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Simple Swahili