What's Your Cat IQ?

Are you a cat lover? Take this quiz and see what you know about cat ancestry, the cat family, cat anatomy and common cat legends. If you think you are more of a doggy person, ask your cat to help you!

A very simple short cat quiz, just to get the brain going first thing in the morning. Answer just ten simple questions by choosing one of the 3 alternatives and find out what your cat IQ is.

Created by: ellen whyte of Katz Tales
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  1. The scientific name for domestic cats is:
  2. Cats first appeared in the:
  3. Which cat cannot retract its claws?
  4. How many teeth do cats have?
  5. A white cat with blue eyes is often:
  6. All ginger cats tend to be:
  7. Male cats are ____ and females are ____
  8. How many whiskers does a cat have?
  9. What is the name of the Egyptian goddess of cats?
  10. How many lives does a cat have?

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Quiz topic: What's my Cat IQ?