How well do you know Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds, he's funny, he's smart, he's handsome...and he looks AMAZING without a shirt! We all know him from notable movies like National Lampoon's Van Wilder as the title character and X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Deadpool, everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth...Or WITHOUT a mouth if you've seen the movie. Whatever. But at least his 2016 movie will do the character justice!

How much do you know about Ryan Reynolds? Do you know so much because, like me, you're a big fan? Or are you one of those people who only knows him because he married Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl? Take this quiz and we'll find out!

Created by: DanicaWolfe96
  1. Which two marvel and dc superheroes has he portrayed on film?
  2. What is Ryan's full name?
  3. What was his character's name in Blade Trinity?
  4. Which celebrity beauty is he married to?
  5. Which Marvel anti-hero is he a big fan of?
  6. Which movie made him famous?
  7. In which sitcom does he portray Michael 'Berg' Bergen?
  8. Which male name did he give his daughter?
  9. Even though he is well known in America, where is he actually from?
  10. Final Question: Which actress, although she played his love interest, is actually his best friend who he's known for 9 years?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ryan Reynolds?