How well do you know "Rangers Apprentice: Book 1"?

Be warned, if you have not read the book, I advise you not to take this test. There are too many spoiler alerts, and it is such a good book. Only so many amazing people out there have read the book. Not to mention the entire series! But only some can ace this quiz to reveal how true of a fan they are of Rangers Apprentice!

Are YOU a true fan? Do you have the memory to ace this test? Do you have the fierce passion to know all about book 1? Let alone, the entire series? Well, we will never know, until you take this test.

Created by: SunnyMD

  1. What is the main characters name?
  2. Will was raised as...
  3. What does Will ask to be at first on choosing day?
  4. What is a Ranger?
  5. Who was Will's mentor?
  6. What is Halt like in the beginning?
  7. How does Will find out he became Halt's apprentice?
  8. How did Will's father die?
  9. Horace starts out as Will's enemy. Then they end up as best friends. How?
  10. When the 3 bullies are about to beat up Will right in front of Horace, what happens?
  11. Will saves the kingdom, and the Baron. How?
  12. In return for saving the kingdom, and his life, the Baron says Will may transfer to battle school. What does Will say?
  13. Halt never smiles. Until the end of the first book. Why does he smile?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Rangers Apprentice: Book 1"?