How well do you know Percy Jackson

There are a lot of people in this world. Percy Jackson Haters, Percy Jackson defenders, Percy Jackson lovers, and those who are obsessed with him... *me*

Are you a Hater, defender, lover or obessed? Find out who you HONESTLY are in this quiz! Don't take this quiz if you haven't read the books, tho... That's just ridiculous!

Created by: Maddie
  1. Percy Is at a boarding school when the book starts, what's it called?
  2. How old is Percy in the first book?
  3. What is Percy's best friend at schools name?
  4. Who bullies Percy at Yancy Academy?
  5. What does Percy see when waiting for the bus to get fixed
  6. When he got home, what did Percy's Step dad ask for?
  7. What does Percy call his step dad?
  8. What does Percy's mom smell like when she comes home
  9. What does Gabe ask for from Percy's mom?
  10. When at the cabin, who knocks on their door in the middle of a hurricane?
  11. after explaining that they have to go, what does percy find out Grover is
  12. What stops them on the way to Camp Half-Blood
  13. What does Percy do after the Minotaur gets his mom.
  14. What did Percy get out of Fighting the Minotaur
  15. When Percy wakes up, who does he wake up to
  16. What does the liquid ambrosia taste like to Percy
  17. I will make another quiz sometime, will you play it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson