how well do you know Paramore?

paramore is an awesome band so test your knowledge on them and see how much you know about the sweetest band in the world!! the truly are an awesome band listen to them if u get a chance

do you have what it takes to beat the paramore quiz? if you think you do this quiz is for you take it and see whyat you get. check them out u might actually like them u never know

Created by: lexi

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  1. how many band members are there
  2. how is their lead singer?
  3. What was the name of their first album?
  4. what are all the band members names?
  5. who plays bass?
  6. who plays lead guitar
  7. who plays the drums
  8. whats the name of their latest album(2008)
  9. whats the name of the song that made it onto the now 27 album
  10. where is the band from?
  11. which two band members are siblings
  12. which three band members went to school together
  13. which member does a tummy growl thing when they r hungry as a joke
  14. how awesome is this band

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Paramore?