How well do you know ouran

Wanna know how much you LOVE ohshc or are you just really bored I don't care anyway I am making this quiz to see ok and I have no idea what to write bye

Are you a ohshc lover if you have no idea what that is then go watch it NOW ok? Love ya who ever you are hope you like this quiz even though it is stupid

Created by: Jessica
  1. When was this anime made?
  2. What is the twins last name
  3. Who are in host club
  4. Who wears glasses
  5. Tamaki became kyoya best friend after 2 days
  6. Who was second to know haruhi secret
  7. How many siblings does kyoya have
  8. What is the job that the twins mom has
  9. Like the quiz
  10. What dating game does rengee plays

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ouran