How well do you know O2L?

There are many fans of O2L but are you a true fan? What is O2L you ask? O2L is a YouTube group their proper name is Our2ndLife but O2L is easier to type.

Are you a rue fan or just a wannabe? Well only time will tell... Take my quiz and we will find out the cold hard truth. Are you and O2L fan or not?

Created by: RileyNichole
  1. Which song is not sung by someone in O2L?
  2. Which food product does Trevor Moran not like?
  3. Who is the oldest member of O2L?
  4. Who came up with the name O2L?
  5. What fast food restaurant in which did they visit the headquarters?
  6. Which boy is Monday?
  7. Which Boy is Tuesday?
  8. Which boy is Wednesday?
  9. Which boy is Thursday?
  10. Which boy is Friday?
  11. Which boy is Saturday?
  12. Are you done with the days of the week?
  13. Are you ready to figure out which O2L boy you are?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know O2L?