How well do you know Nirvana?

Do you know Nirvana? PS the following will contain aload of crap qwerty idiopathic dough kl; exciton Sofie Kristo Marji kludged awe exorcist bulgy Hamhung Dutch regrew Punjab hunger bat cadre

Well do you? ewe gratuity plumbing Sigvard Hoffman sufficient Yugoslavian j frugal McAdam Ingmar ruggedness gym digit Thorn highborn fightback Hugibert beautifully cathode bum kilo; polonium Cyb bathtub Heywood Yuba

Created by: Alastair

  1. Where did Nirvana form up?
  2. What was their last recorded song?
  3. What is Kurt's full name?
  4. What band did David Grohl perform with first?(yes he has with all 4)
  5. What Genre is Nirvana?
  6. Which of the following are the correct lyrics? (from the song 'you know your right')
  7. What is the song Sliver about?
  8. What year did Nirvana split up (clue: same year Kurt died)
  9. How many albums did NIRVANA record
  10. How many former band members did nirvana have in '94

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nirvana?