How well do you know ninja hattori?

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Now that you've opted to take this quiz, either you love the show or have got nothing better to do. whatever the reason, go and find out how much you score so go on...

The questions are pretty easy so it shouldn't be a problem getting a high score. so, thanks for taking his quiz and find out your score. good luck....

Created by: Just a kid

  1. What is Hattori's brother's name?
  2. Where is Hattori from?
  3. How many members of Hattori's family live with Kenechi?
  4. How many female characters are mostly shown in the episodes?
  5. Who was the first between Shinzo and Shishimaru to appear in the show?
  6. Who is the female lead in the show?
  7. What is Hattori scared of?
  8. Amaara is also known as...
  9. Who is Kenechi's teacher's love interest?
  10. What colours are Hattori's clothes?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ninja hattori?