What ninja element are you?

Are you as skilled in the art of ninjutsu as you think? Take this to see just what you could be as a ninja! It is based on ur personality and strengths

This test is designed to help you find your best element as a ninja! This will help you further your knowledge as a ninja of nature! Hopefully it suits your personaliry

Created by: LuckyUmbre of WhatAmI.com
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  1. Which area are you strongest in?
  2. Do you have any fears of nature?
  3. Do you mind training or outdoor jobs?
  4. What is your favorite type of animal?
  5. What's your favorite weapon?
  6. What do u fear most from these?
  7. What is ur mood most of the time?
  8. Do u like helping?
  9. Favorite color? ( no effect)
  10. Favorite whether?

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Quiz topic: What ninja element am I?